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    Rejuvenating Holidays

    Plan your vacation with Personalized Attention

    Find out how easy it might be for you to look better. The Dermatological Clinic and Cosmetic Surgery of Puebla founded in 1971 is accredited and has all the necessary facilities to perform plastic and aesthetic surgery, offering the surgical equipment and the most sophisticated technology of the moment.


    It is a Plastic Surgery Center where you can plan a vacation and perform the Aesthetic Intervention you have wanted. It is the easy and calm way to achieve beautify on your face and sculpt your body. The staff of the Surgery and Aesthetics Unit is trained to take care of the most efficient way to each patient.


    We specialize in the latest cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women, such as facial laser to erase wrinkles and surgical laser; minimally invasive facial endoscopy surgery, breast augmentation, tumescent and ultrasonic liposuction, and Robotic Hair Trasplant.

    Visit our!

    The next time you plan to come to Puebla, which is a colonial city full of history and tourist attractions, call us to have our staff arrange a complete package of cosmetic surgery, lodging and transportation information. After your recovery, return home and receive excellent comments about your new appearance.

    Each patient receives personal attention from Dr. Arellano, with extensive experience in all aesthetic and reconstructive surgery techniques available today. Full recovery is one of the benefits offered by the Clinic Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery of Puebla.

    All the staff of the Clinic will make your stay and recovery comfortable and in an atmosphere of discreet privacy.

    You’ll feel better after your rejuvenating vacation at the Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Puebla.

    Call us NOW at (222) 243 65 05 and and Renovate NOW!…