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    Facial Hair Transplant

    Loss of facial hair:

    Your head may not be the only place you lose hair. Many men and women suffer loss of facial hair for a variety of reasons: trauma, scarring as a result of surgery, radiation, trichotillomania (an obsessive-compulsive disorder that involves pulling out the hair continuously for years), or simply the natural process of aging.

    Restoration of Beards, Mustaches and Sideburns:

    Whether as a result of trauma, surgery or other causes, lack of facial hair growth is a major problem for many men, as they claim that such a situation can weaken their self-esteem and miss having a more masculine appearance. Such men may now feel more animated because at Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Puebla we will help you to regenerate facial hair using hair transplant techniques such as sideburns restoration, mustache transplant surgery and beard restoration surgery.

    We have helped hundreds of men enjoy their new beard through hair beard restoration surgery, their new mustache through mustache transplant surgery and new sideburns by restoring sideburns. This hair will not fall off and will require shaving and trimming properly. This will be your own hair, again and where you want it.

    Eyebrow Transplants:

    Eyebrow transplantation is the most natural solution and requires less maintenance available for both women and men. Although anyone can have “bald areas” in their eyebrows, eyebrow transplantation is a procedure frequently requested by women, although in recent times it has become more common within the male gender.

    A change in the image of the eyebrows can make a huge difference in your appearance and self-confidence.