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Follicular Unit Transplantation


The restoration of hair is a European technique that began in 1942 when after the wars doctors were given the task of restoring soldiers who had lost part of the scalp as a result of the explosions.

This procedure has been perfecting over the years to the technique of follicular units. (Hair by hair).


The technique of follicular units offers the patient with alopecia a more natural and definitive result in the shortest time possible since in the donor zone (extraction) the hair roots are removed without damaging the scalp, extracting follicle to follicle without leaving permanent scars . Restoring the area in a few days, the procedure is totally ambulatory, it doesn’t hurt and the patient, being necessary a new implant may need to restart his activities the next day.

Once removed the hair follicles are classified and separated with the stereoscopic microscope which allows verifying the integrity of the follicles. Implantation is performed by controlling the direction, angle and depth of the root (follicle). The follicles are placed one by one in the receiving or alopectic zone achieving an excellent and definitive result. They are usually placed from 2500 to 3000 follicular units in each session, which takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

At present the technique of follicular units is also used for the restoration of eyebrows, mustache, beard or simply to increase the volume of the eyelashes and is performed in both men and women.


This procedure we have been doing in the Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of Puebla for 20 years, offering the patient discretion and a completely personalized service.

Every person is a candidate for a micro-grafting of hair as long as there is a donor zone. You should only go to an assessment appointment where we will diagnose the type of alopecia (baldness) and we will make the right recommendation for your solution.

Once the procedure is done we recommend that the patient continue with our non-grafted hair maintenance system in order to avoid losing it and that new alopecia areas (baldness) will be located in the future. A new hair implant is necessary.

Causes of Baldness:

Hair loss is inherited and genetically determined since we were born.

There are two types of hair bulbs (roots) on the head of man.

Those in the upper area that is sensitive to male hormones (androgens) and those in the lateral and posterior area that are insensitive to these hormones.

Non-sensitive (back area) produce healthy hair throughout life. This treatment is done through several methods, one of them is the so-called “Punch” that has its origins in the 40’s and consists of small scalp grafts, which are usually transplanted in several sessions, currently in disuse.

The Micro-Graft of Hair, Eyebrows and Eyelashes:

It is a definitive baldness treatment that consists of removing a portion of scalp from the area with hair, fractionating it in micro grafts and transplanting it to the bald or scraggy areas.

When lighting the bulbs, they produce the same hair that they had in the posterior region repopulating the baldness. There is no possibility of rejection, because it is transplanted in our own tissue.

Hundreds of hairs can be placed per session, lightning the vast majority.

It is performed with special micro needles transplanting hair by hair in the affected area, giving a very satisfactory aesthetic result. The growth of the new hair takes three to five months and does not require special care. Grows healthy and strong, can be cut or modeled according to your taste.


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