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    Fat Transfer

    Scientific Name:

    Transfer of fat


    Natural Filling



    Sex of patient:

    Men and Women.


    By this procedure a little fat is extracted from the same patient, it can be extracted from the thighs, and then it is injected into the patient’s wrinkles, which makes a hypo allergenic process, without risk of rejection and better cost.

    Fat Transfer:

    Fat transfer is also called micro-injection or fat transplantation. The injection of fat on the face is a natural, safe and non-allergenic procedure.

    The transfer of fat helps eliminating the nasogenianos furrows, the brow, increase and definition of the lips and even the filling of cheekbones and chinning. Likewise, deformities caused by congenital alterations or accidents can be corrected, wrinkles that may remain after a facelift or lifting; Or simply give a new volume and shape to the lips. It allows correcting depressions, facial asymmetries, deep furrows, eyebrows, lacking malar relief, etc.

    The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The recipient and donor areas are anesthetized and disinfected, using a special needle syringe the fat is removed from the abdomen, gluteus, etc., and the needle is changed to be injected under the skin in the damaged area. This procedure can be repeated when the result has disappeared.

    The benefits of using the patient’s own fat are:

    • The fat injected into the face can last for up to three years.
    • Fat transfer can be combined with other surgical procedures.
    • Never have an allergic reaction.