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    Firming Therapy

    Firming Therapy:

    It is an exclusive technology that treats cellulite in a way never seen before. It is a treatment that uses 6 techniques to eliminate: fat, cellulite, achieve body shaping in a fast, safe and painless way. This treatment has been selected to improve the quality and texture of the skin of patients. By combining these technologies, better results are achieved in fewer and much longer treatments. This Therapy treats even the most severe degrees of cellulite, achieving important changes.

    There are 4 stages of cellulite:

    • Stage 0 (Normal): There are no dimples when the patient is standing or lying down. The pinch test does not reveal an “orange peel” appearance.
    • Stage 1 (Minimal) There are no dimples when the patient is standing or lying down. The pinch test does not reveal an “orange peel” appearance.
    • Stage 2 (Moderate): The “orange peel” appearance occurs spontaneously when standing up, but not when lying down.
    • Stage 3 (Advanced): The “orange peel” appearance occurs spontaneously when standing and lying down.


    The 6 technologies work together in the same therapy consist of:

    • Reduce cellulite grades 1 to 4..
    • Body shaping.
    • Inflammatory processes..
    • Reduce measures.
    • Skin tightening.
    • Virtual mesotherapy.

    On the one hand, this system heats the subcutaneous layers in a controlled and localized way in order to revitalize the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.

    Using two electrodes, electromagnetic energy is applied which is delivered in the deep dermis without compromising the epidermis. Radio frequency generates an electric field that changes from positive to negative, which causes a rotational movement of the molecules that generates heat and transfers it to the surrounding tissues.

    The heating of the fibroblasts stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers that replace the aged ones, making the tissues more elastic and achieving a smoother and firmer skin. The heat generated also increases skin circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and destroys fat cells (lipolysis), reducing the volume of the treated area.

    By generating an electric field instead of an electric current, as traditional RF equipment does, this therapy penetrates the skin more widely and deeply (up to 15 mm) to treat the cellulite bands in a focused way. The electric field bipolar RF system produces a more controlled and uniform heating and, by not concentrating directly on the dermis, eliminates the risk of pain and discomfort associated with other radio frequency systems.


    Main benefits:

    • Not painful
    • Non invasive
    • Reaffirmation
    • Reduce measures
    • Body shaping

    It is recommended to make an evaluation appointment for the patient to obtain a medical recommendation for the use of this therapy. The Puebla Laser Clinic team will accompany the patient from the beginning to the end of the process in order to provide the best result and the best care.