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    Polarized Light Therapy

    Polarized Light Therapy

    The Polarized Light Therapy a luminous ray that acts as a complement that stimulates the well-being, relaxation and vitality. It brings beauty and energy through phototherapy. Our body needs the stimulation of light to maintain health. Polarized light is better than sunlight and favors the body’s hormonal fluxes. It has a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect. It has no negative side effects.

    Properties of Polarized Light Therapy:

    • Beautifies the skin “decreases wrinkles and sagging, reduces eye bags, changes skin tone, becomes luminous and vital.
    • Enhances energy and cellular activity “Cell Biostimulation”.
    • Produces cellular rejuvenation.
    • It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which favors the elimination of waste and better cellular nutrition.
    • Eliminates fluid retention.
    • Increases protein synthesis “production of Collagen and Elastin”.

    How to help?:

      • Increases collagen connections, this repairs damaged skin. Light is absorbed by the fibroblasts, producing the energy needed to make collagen with the subsequent anti-wrinkle and firming effect.
      • Helps to better assimilate vitamins and nutrients, especially vitamin D, calcium …
      • Helps to eliminate dermatological problems: acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic, psoriasis, hair loss-alopecia, cold sores …
      • Stimulates cellular regeneration processes. It helps to heal wounds: ulcers, veins, ulna, postoperative.
      • Rebalances the body.
      • Eliminates stress, anxiety and seasonal depressions: chronic fatigue and lack of motivation, increased appetite and weight and inability to feel happy. It increases production of endorphins.
      • Strengthens the immune system and increases vitality. .
      • Helps eliminate pain and inflammatory processes “in rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, postoperative …”.
      • Strengthens muscles, improves sports injuries and eliminates contractures.
      • Helps eliminate infections, allergies, asthma, sinusitis…


    The results are immediate and without any contraindication or effect ….


      • Pregnant women in the abdominal area, for safety … “
      • Patients with pacemakers, in the heart area … “
      • Transplanted patients or immunosuppressive patients … “