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    Peptone Cell Therapy

    Delays and reverses cellular aging:

    Peptones are cellular nutrients that have the main characteristic of being specific organs, which means that they act only in the organ to which it is wanted to regenerate. They are the products that are obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of animal or vegetable origin and act as supplements, delaying and reversing the cellular wear, correcting the harm of the damaged organ, so that its application is both aesthetic and regenerative.


    In aesthetic medicine are used to correct and prevent wrinkles, sagging, melasma, stretch marks, varicose veins, alopecia, dehydration, dark circles, cellulite and weight reduction. On the other hand, in anti-aging medicine peptones are used to revitalize, and to treat degenerative processes in autoimmune as well as chronic degenerative diseases, such as renal failure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arthritis and cancer. Another type of ailments that can be treated with poly peptides are instability of character, menopause, sleepiness, depression, anxiety, decreased libido and premature aging.

    Peptones such as embryonic skin, collagen, elastin, striated muscle and placenta are used to firm the skin or to treat depression and anxiety. There are many combinations that can be made that bring excellent results. The route of administration of the peptones and the protocol to follow depends on each patient and the objective for which the regenerative cellular therapy is applied. Peptones can be applied in the form of intradermal micro infiltrations, either intramuscularly or orally, the last one being normally used as a supportive treatment. They can be used with other types of reductive or firming treatments giving a spectacular result.


    There will always be the risk of infection when applying an injectable product, that is why it is very important to take the necessary hygiene measures to make the application of the product a success, as well as it is important to administer products that have the necessary permits for use in our country. The side effects are minimal because they are products that our body accepts naturally, so they can be applied safely to the patient.

    Regenerative cell therapy with peptones is a treatment that can be applied once a week, to complete the 10 sessions and then it is recommended a maintenance session as it prevents degeneration of organs in the long term.

    Treatment only available in Clinica Dermatologica y Cirugia Estetica de Puebla.