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    Anti-Stress Therapy


    What is stress?

    Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension, it is a physiological reaction, a defense mechanism of our body to face a situation of danger. Other forms of stress are overeating, not sleeping or suffering from chronic pain. Stress causes inflammation and hormonal imbalance in our body, reduces cellular oxygenation, reducing the functionality of mitochondria and causing our body to oxidize faster than normal, making it a major cause of chronic degenerative diseases.

    How is stress treated?

    For many years it has been treated with antidepressants drugs and tranquilizers that in the long run can cause side effects such as dizziness, sleepiness, decreased sex drive and dependence. So the best way to treat stress is by relaxing the body naturally.

    What is Oxytocin?

      • Neurotransmitter, it is produced in the brain
      • Small amounts are produced in the uterus, ovaries, intestines, testicles, and heart.
      • Hormone related to sexual patterns.
      • Vasodilator
      • It is released in large quantities after distension of the cervix and vagina during labor.
      • In response to stimulation of the nipple by the baby’s suction.
      • Affectivity, tenderness, orgasm in both sexes.
      • Social relationships

    What are the symptoms of oxytocin deficiency?

    Palness, difficulty expressing positive emotions, less interest in sexual foreplay, difficulty reaching orgasms, increased intake of sugars, muscle tension, tendon pain (fibromyalgia), irritability, fear, social difficulties, lack of interaction.

    What are the benefits of oxytocin?

    Oxytocin helps calm anxiety, it helps us to face stress, to have a better mood, in the teenage crisis, with problems of autism and schizophrenia, it is a solution for drug addiction. It helps for some cases of human obesity, to calm pain and heal wounds.
It helps to relieve heart and blood vessels diseases.
It is a potent antioxidant.
Oxytocin may be a potential protector for breast and ovarian cancer. It is the hormone of happiness and love.