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    Vaginal Tightening

    Intimate Rejuvenation:

    Dual Laser is the most powerful laser combination available on the market. This offers the most versatile range of ablative and non-ablative treatments with a single laser system. The most complete laser solution you may need.

    Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome?

    Vaginal relaxation syndrome is a condition that many women suffer and may be caused by childbirth, obesity, hormonal changes or natural aging. This condition can lead to serious consequences ranging from alterations in sexual arousal and / or loss of self-esteem to urinary incontinence.

    Vaginal tightening without surgery is the safest method to treat the sagging, progressive flaccidity of the area that causes the loss of the structural shape, with Intima Laser we can obtain the same results or even better than with other invasive treatments.

    Dual Laser is a revolutionary laser treatment of vaginal rejuvenation using smooth-mode thermal technology that works on the internal tissue, which gives a great stimulation of the collagen of the endopelvic fascia getting its hardening and photo-thermal tensioning, recovering thus the optimal form of the vaginal canal, reinforcing the tissue and the musculature.

    Laser Treatment:

    The laser treatment of vaginal tightening is a safe, fast and ambulatory medical procedure.

    It is done in consultation, is minimally painful and does not require anesthesia. No prior preparation is required prior to the laser session.

    The laser activates the fibrocytes of the vaginal mucosa by converting them into fibroblasts. These stimulate the biosynthesis of new collagen. There is an increase in the production of hyaluronic acid and new glycoproteins that increase the retention of water improving the structure of the collagen. The increased tissue permeability favors blood flow, thickness and consistency of the vaginal wall.

    Clinical studies show a tightening of the vaginal canal and greater satisfaction in sexual intercourse. It also decreases the risk of incontinence and genital prolapse.

    A Help to Intimacy, Improve Your Sex Life

    Treatment Benefits:

    • Can be applied to any woman with an active sex life
    • Improves sexual sensitivity and pleasure.
    • Decreases the time to reach orgasm.
    • Decreases the tendency to suffer from vaginal prolapse.
    • It decreases the risk of suffering from stress urinary incontinence.
    • Sexual intercourse can be resumed within 48 hours of the procedure.
    • It has no known contraindications or complications.