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    Laser Tension

    Laser Tension:

    Dual Laser is the most powerful laser combination available on the market. This offers the most versatile range of ablative and non-ablative treatments with a single laser system. The most complete laser solution you may need.


    It is the best technology for the treatment of skin aging, remodeling of the skin and elimination of point lesions. The fractionated erbium laser provides a very safe treatment that allows the removal of skin layers accurately, while stimulating the dermis in depth for the synthesis of new collagen fibers and the remodeling of existing fibers.

    It is also possible to apply individualized facial and body treatments, microlifting and microresurfacing. For the treatment of skin flaccidity, blemishes, acne scars, keloid scars, stretch marks, open pores, expression lines and furrows with excellent results and fast recovery.


    The versatility of the erbium laser allows the application of treatments at different depths with varying recovery periods, which is why a complete medical evaluation is necessary after treatment and in some cases a preparation with topical elements to obtain the best results.