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For skin regeneration there is a diversity of surgical procedures. One of the procedures or a combination of them can be ideal for you according to the cutaneous problem and the size of the area that is to be treated.

Dermabrasion is a procedure that consists in sanding the cutaneous surface with the aid of a special drill with a thin wire brush or diamond ends, in most cases. The drill is directly used in the skin in order to produce a scrape that results in a bleeding. In consequence of this, a scab is formed. In just a few weeks, a new skin layer covers the treated area. The pitted areas due to scars and wrinkles look softened and the skin tone is more even.
After a dermabrasion procedure, a recovery period from seven to ten days is needed. People with dark skin or who sunbathe from three to six months after the surgery run the risk of developing pigmentary skin changes (blotches or spots).


The chemical peel (of which many variants, like blue peel, exist nowadays) as well as dermabrasion can reduce very thin wrinkles at a minimum level and improve the uneven skin tone. This procedure is especially effective when it is performed to soften wrinkles that appear on top of the upper lip. The upper skin layers are treated with a chemical agent that produces the denudation of skin. Once the skin has cicatrized, it looks smoother than before. After, a chemical peel, a recovery period from seven to ten days is needed. Just like dermabrasion, this procedure can lead to pigmentary skin changes especially in people with dark skin. The excessive exposure to sunlight must be avoided at least for three to six months after undergoing this treatment.


Cryosurgery means cold surgery. It is effective when it is performed in order to remove spots on the hands, arms, and face. It produces an even skin tone. Dry ice or liquid nitrogen is used in this procedure in order to produce a localized freezing. A scab is formed and during the course of a week (once the scab has become detached), the treated area turns pink and the skin cicatrizes. Weekly sessions are required to achieve the desirable effect.


Although the name is intimidating, the procedure is simple and effective. It is used in the treatment of spots, like spots that frequently appear at the sides of the nose and that are produced by dilated blood vessels. A very thin needle through which an electric current passes is used. The electric current produces an irritation that results in a scab. Once the scab becomes detached, the underlying area cicatrizes and the flaw disappears. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times in order to achieve the desirable effect.


On the one hand, nowadays there is different laser equipment developed to improve facial wrinkles like crow’s feet as well as wrinkles on the brow, forehead, lips, cheeks, etc. It is very important to mention that the most used equipment is the carbon dioxide laser for white skin and Erbium laser for dark skin, both of which allow the patient to achieve the desirable effect without undergoing long recovery periods. On the other hand, there are also versions of this equipment, like fractionated lasers, which are used in order to carry out the treatment in a series of outpatient sessions until the desirable effect is achieved. These sessions allow people to carry out their usual activities. Finally, it is important to mention that laser treatments are not the same as other regeneration treatments, since the laser main function is to activate the cells in the skin that produce collagen and that, as time goes by, stop producing it. Collagen activation in the stimulated area by the laser lasts from 7 to 8 months after the treatment and the result achieved lasts, on average, from 5 to 8 years.


There are exfoliant means like micro-dermabrasion and micro aluminum crystals that, just as their name entails, produce a very superficial change in the skin and do not completely improve wrinkles or scars. These means improve the texture and tone of the treated area in healthy skin. Besides, they are useful in the treatment of active acne. However, collagen production is not assured by these means of aid.

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