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    Revitalizing Anti-Aging Shot

    Revitalizing Anti-Aging Shot:

    The third stage of the Anti-Aging treatment that allows optimizing the laboratory values ​​according to the patient’s needs. With this, the treatment manages to improve and restore the body as a whole, having a more adequate performance.

    These therapies are available at the Clinic.

    Anti-aging Shot:

    It is the most complete revitalizing, regenerating and anti-aging cell treatment in the world, without being a completely pharmacological medicine or treatment and due to its totally natural origin it can be applied absolutely without risk to your health.

    It is possible to stop and reverse some of the aging processes and is an insurmountable element to recover and improve our physical and mental functioning, energy, sexual potency, health, good appearance, figure, etc.

    It is also indicated as an adjunct in specific treatments and chronic and degenerative diseases, oncological processes and immune deficiencies.

    Although no adverse reaction has been observed in the recommended dose, it should not be applied in children under 30 years of age, or in pregnant women.

    Today we can proudly assure that with this Anti-Aging Shot it is possible to look 10 or 20 years younger than the real chronological age.

    “Extend youth … and age with dignity” this is the goal of the new preventive medicine”

    Proven effects:

    • Increases resistance to stress and allergies.
    • Purifies brain fuel and increases memory.
    • Renew cardiac function and functions of the kidney, liver, spleen, etc.
    • Stimulates blood circulation and accelerates wound recovery.
    • Regulates blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.
    • Decreases excess fat, cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.
    • Restores skin tone and stimulates the growth of nails and capillaries.
    • Tones and increases muscle mass, as well as the endurance of physical activities.
    • Improves physical appearance by up to 85%..
    • Regulates the quality of sleep..
    • It stimulates the sexual appetite and renews the sexual functions in both sexes.

    Swiss Cell Therapy:

    Parenteral: Immediate action 3 vials with 500 mg of 8ml, 1 bottle 60 Caps. 250 mg.

    Action: Activation and renewal therapy of the immune and hematopoietic system.

    Composition: Biological natural actives, 500 mg of Thimus of black sheep extract, 500 mg of Bone marrow of black sheep extract, 500 mg of Spleen of black sheep extract.

    Administration Route: Subcutaneous, Take 0.5 ml of each vial up to 1.5 ml and apply subcutaneously to the abdomen or arm. Take 2 Capsules a Day.

    Clinical background proven action at:

    • Reinforcement therapy and stabilization of the immune and hematopoietic system.
    • Adjuvant in degenerative and chronic diseases.
    • Post-chemotherapy treatment and radio therapy in cancer patients.
    • When there are immunological sub-functions.
    • Complete therapeutic effect.
    • Bi-annual treatment according to the case.
    • No side effects
    • Has no drug interaction.


    It acts as an adjuvant to specific treatments and its preventive efficacy is compared in the following cases:

    1. Immunodeficiencies.
    2. Cancer.
    3. AIDS.
    4. Post Chemotherapy.
    5. Allergic-type diseases.
    6. Physical asthenia.
    7. Chronic diseases.
    8. Autoimmune diseases.
    9. Rheumatic Diseases.

    Clinical Pharmacology:

    Should be applied as follows:

    1 Complete treatment; 16 consecutive days, accompanied by 2 daily capsules

    This treatment should be done every 6 months depending on the case.