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    Reconstruction After Mastectomy

    How is Breast Reconstruction performed?

    Breast reconstruction is now considered part of the comprehensive treatment of breast cáncer.

    Breast Reduction and Biopsy

    It is done when there is suspicion or confirmation of breast cancer. The processes of the ONCOLOGICAL SURGERY OF THE BREAST also make the Plastic Surgeon integrate the equipment of mammary pathology, ensuring the best possible result even in large cancer operations.

    Breast Reconstruction with Expanders or Muscle Flaps

    In these cases the breast expanders allow inflating the operated area until obtaining symmetry with the opposite breast and then replace the expander with a definitive prosthesis without adding new scars or traumatic operations. Such procedure allows restoring the shape and volume of a mastectomized sinus.

    Some women are so overwhelmed by the diagnosis of breast cancer and all the information that they have to assimilate about therapeutic alternatives of cancer, possible adjuvant therapies, prognostic factors and finalize domestic and labor details that are not in a position to make a decision on the reconstructive process; In this type of cases, the best alternative is probably to perform a deferred reconstruction, devoting all initial attention to the process of tumor eradication.

    Deferred reconstruction, defined as the reconstructive process that begins after mastectomy, can start at any time once the wounds have healed and adjuvant therapy has been given.