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    Chelation Therapy:

    Oxygen, nutrients, trace elements, energy molecules are some of the elements required by the body to activate its detoxification and antiaging systems, improving blood circulation, cardiac dynamics, reducing oxidation and prevailing health status in optimum conditions. This treatment is called Chelation.

    There are many benefits of chelation therapy including: Detoxification of the presence of metals such as: Aluminum (associated with Parkinson’s disease) Cadmium and lead (attributed as the main cause of dementia) Mercury (associated with blockage of The Neurotransmitters).

    Chelation is the main therapeutic agent that sweeps free radicals, causing major neurodegenerative, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases among others.

    Liquid Oxygen helps:

    • Improve systemic and central circulation (heart).
    • Improve blood risk including microcirculation.
    • Activates the main energy circuits.
    • Regulates glandular functions.
    • Improves immune response.

    Both therapies are intravenous routes, with an hour of duration..