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    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet Rich Plasma

    It is one of the most advanced techniques for treating aging on the face, neck, neckline and hands, especially when tissue damage occurs ahead of time. More and more applications for PRP or platelet-rich plasma are being discovered, traumatological pathologies can be treated or used in the areas of ophthalmology, dentistry, phlebology, among others. It can also be used on the body to improve the firmness of the skin and decrease stretch marks and cellulite as well as on the hair to lessen its fall.


    It is an anti-aging technique that uses the patient’s own platelets to achieve a cellular regeneration, thanks to the growth factors (FC), which are a biological mediator that produces a series of effects at the cellular level, such as repair, formation of new vessels, cell proliferation and differentiation, extracellular matrix synthesis and remodeling. It is very important to have the proper technology and asepsis to perform this procedure, the first thing to do is to extract venous blood from the patient and then centrifuged to obtain the plasma separated from the erythrocytes, the platelet rich plasma is separated from the rest of Blood components and is activated and then injected into the patient by mesotherapy.

    Duration of Therapy:

    The procedure can be performed in one hour and its effects become evident around 20 days after its application and its effect lasts from 6 months to a year.


    It should not be used in pregnant women.


    The application of this therapy repairs the aged tissues, stimulating cellular skin regeneration and stimulates the production of collagen fibers giving the skin an effect of rejuvenation, firmness and humidification.


    It is an economic procedure, which does not use substances external to the body but uses the patient’s own platelets, ie are autologous so there are no side reactions. It is a treatment that differs from others since it acts directly at the cellular level.

    Side effects:

    In most cases you may have reddening of the skin, which fades within about 2 hours.