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    Massive Weight Loss

    Who are the best candidates?

    When patients have lost a lot of weight, the skin does not usually return to its previous state, which causes areas of skin that are associated with dermal infection or simply a deterioration in the aesthetic aspect of the bust, abdomen, arms, and thighs.

    Patients with massive weight loss usually have a surgical history of bariatric surgery or rigorous exercise plans and self-imposed diet or under the guidance of nutritionists and/or personal trainers. For these cases there are different techniques to restore the lost contour and restore confidence to our patients.


    When patients manage to lose large amounts of weight, they feel as if they have a second chance to enjoy full life. They feel much better and many of their medical problems are resolved as well. But most, however, are left with a lot of loose skin which is a constant reminder of their previous weight. Removing loose skin is an important step to mark the beginning of this new stage of life.


    We have found that plastic surgery after weight loss is a powerful incentive for patients to maintain lost weight. When the patient looks better and feels better, they cannot stop wanting to remain so. Plastic surgery provides positive reinforcement for patients to maintain their ideal weight.