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    Chemical Peeling


    The medical chemical peeling involves the removal of different layers of the epidermis through the application of a chemical agent, and is a technique widely used to improve the facial appearance. There is a renewal of the different layers of the skin improving its quality, with fewer stains, lines of expression, wrinkles and a better texture.

    Although peeling is indicated, for cases of physiological or solar aging and for the treatment of blemishes and acne, it can also be used as a means to “maintain a healthy, smooth, free of impurities and luminous” skin. Performing periodic maintenance prevents the appearance of all this type of imperfections.

    How it is performed?

    Various studies show that the application of peels can prevent the appearance of skin cancer by the activation of certain protein on the surface of the skin.


    This treatment is done by applying chemical agents at the facial level, after cleansing the skin. The average duration of application of this treatment is approximately 20 minutes.

    The surface peeling brings uniformity to the skin tone and a younger and healthier appearance, it closes the pores, attenuates the scars caused by acne and fine wrinkles. It also helps control acne, folliculitis and sebaceous secretions.

    The medium peeling acts on fine and medium wrinkles, controls sun spots and is indicated in the case of solar or senile aging. It is often used as a complement to many treatments such as microdermabrasion, lifting or radiofrequency.

    There is also the deep peeling, which is much more aggressive and with a much longer recovery time than the previous ones.


    • Improve skin damage with rosacea.
    • Eliminate sun damage.
    • Fade acne scars.
    • Stain discoloration.
    • Reduce wrinkles.
    • Control fat and bacteria on the skin.