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    Otoplasty (ear surgery)

    Although the correction can be performed at any age, it is desirable that it be in childhood, where the psychological influences on deformation may be greater.


    A small incision is made behind the ear to hide the scars, the auricular cartilage is removed and excess cartilage is removed or carved, so that the ear can be folded further and directed backwards in a natural position and closer of the head. Inner permanent points (not visible) are used to help maintain the new shape and shape of the ear.


    As before any operation, we will advise you to refrain from taking aspirin or other anticoagulants for three weeks prior to surgery. During the first postoperative days, do not wear lenses to not press the area, the frame will bother you. If you have real need, ask a specialist to get some type of lenses that do not carry weight or pressure on the area of the ears, opening the frame a lot. For contact lenses, continue to use them as usual.

    Surgical Time:

    1 hour.


    Every surgery implies a certain degree of risk, however this is usually low and safety is increased if the doctor is properly chosen, if the doctor knows the patient enough, and there are laboratory tests, and if the surgery is performed in a safe place.


    Ideally, the child should stay home 1 week after the procedure. The first few days may feel very annoying but, in addition, the possibility of infection by dust, always present in the play areas of the schools must be prevented.
    It will also prevent the possibility of a stroke before the healing has finished. If playing with his peers the child receives a blow to the ear after the time after the surgery, obviously it will hurt, but nothing special has to happen, the ear will not deform for it. The adult can return to his regular activities 2 days after the intervention. Now, keep in mind that you will feel annoyed, because the ears are an area in which the pain is perceived with greater intensity. If you can schedule the intervention by giving yourself a little more time, a week would be better.


    In the vast majority of patients are very successful at changing the size shape and position of the ears making them look normal, most times the scars are hidden.