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    Dual Laser is the most powerful laser combination available on the market. This offers the most versatile range of ablative and non-ablative treatments with a single laser system. The most complete laser solution you may need.

    nevus or nevo (from the Latin naevus, lunar) is a proliferation of different types of cells in the skin. Thus, there may be nevus sebaceous, apocrine (apocrine glands of the skin), etcetera. The most characteristic are melanocytic nevus, which are pigmented cell proliferations called “nevic cells”.

    New Guarantee:

    A new guarantee of efficiency that brings science, is the laser system with two wavelengths (Erbium: YAG and Neodymium: YAG) that guarantee a new look and a return to youth in all skin types.

    It also serves to eradicate benign lesions known as nevus, xanthelasmas and syringomas, while Neodymium: YAG is effective in the treatment of keloids and other hypertrophic scars, onychomycosis (nail fungus), active acne, (superficial vascularization ).

    Collagen production:

    With the Dual Laser, the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen fibers, giving it its ability to resist stretching and giving it a youthful and lofty appearance.

    The number and frequency of sessions depends entirely and exclusively on the skin of each patient, it is of utmost importance to attend each session to achieve the expected result.

    Once the condition of the skin is evaluated, a personalized treatment is proposed that surpasses your expectations.