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    Mesotherapy reduces measures, stretch marks and it allows affirming and remodeling the muscle. There are 2 types of drugs used with this system: natural and allopathic, which can sometimes combine to achieve better results. Medications range from hyaluronic acid to caffeine.

    These products are applied with a gun, which allows painless introduction of the medicines in the affected areas and allow to dissolve the fat. The treatment can be done in both men and women and does not require rest or bandages.

    Duration of Therapy:

    Both the duration of treatment and the medications used depend on the anatomical requirements of each patient. The sessions can be 1 time a week, varying the number of sessions for each patient.

    The treatment, which counts our facilities, is the only computerized applicator for multiple treatments. The internal processor of the device controls the dose of medication with which the desired treatment can be easily programmed. Various products are used that can be applied at different depths and micro infiltrations are made around the accumulated fat.


    • Pregnant patients.
    • Septicemic patients.
    • Hemorrhagic diseases.
    • Allergy or sensitivity to anesthesia.
    • Leukemia.
    • Seizures and cardiac disorders.


    The results are long lasting and remarkable due to the effect of the substances transported and deposited in the proper place and depth, as it uses pulsed currents to transport the active ingredients through the different layers of the skin. You can see results of improvement of 70 to 80%.