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    Lash Mascara


    Eyelash Growth Treatments

    At the Puebla Laser Clinic we now have non-invasive treatment for your eyelashes, without the need for pills, injections or surgery. It is an innovative treatment.

    How Does Work?

    Having beautiful eyelashes increases femininity and helps your eyes look bigger, vibrant and fresh. The active ingredient is bimatoprost, which extends the growth cycle of the eyelashes and increases the number of eyelashes that grow. The result is darker, longer, dense eyelashes.

    The improvements provided by this product appear gradually as the lashes grow and are replaced. In just 4 weeks, you will begin to notice that your eyelashes are becoming thicker and thicker. These improvements will continue until you get the maximum results in 16 weeks.

    What is the application of eyelash treatment?

    The treatment for eyelashes should be applied every night, in the margin of the upper eyelid, with the sterile applicator that comes with the product.

    What will the results look like with the eyelash treatment?

    The treatment for eyelashes acts in the cycle of natural growth of the eyelashes (5-12 months), and therefore, the results are not immediate, but gradual. Initial results are visible in approximately 2 months and complete results will be achieved in 3-4 months.

    Can I have any reaction to using eyelash treatment?

    The safety of the use of eyelash treatment has been well proven and established with an incidence of adverse effects below 4%. In case of any undesirable effects, the doctor should be consulted.