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    Anti-Cellulite Massage

    Anti-Cellulite Massage

    Remodel, Reaffirm, Redefine

    You may have tried everything to lose those extra inches and despite all your silhouette preserves rebel areas.

    The Anti-Cellulite Massage is the solution to localized fat problems. It is the ideal treatment that will help you to sculpt your body and stay in shape. This treatment is effective in the resistant fat of men: tires, belly, back, pectorals.


    The secret of the Anti-Cellulite Massage is to act in the center of the adiposito producing lipolysis and thus releasing accumulated fat. It is a unique and patented procedure: two motorized rollers, located in a hermetic treatment chamber and coupled to an aspiration. The Lipomassage works as follows:

    • Remodel: stimulates adipocytes.
    • Reaffirms: stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.
    • Redefine: mobilizes localized fat and softens contracted tissue.

    Duration of Therapy:

    1 hour, 2 or 3 times a week and 20 sessions are recommended, as well as it is advised to take 2 liters of water daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


    It is recommended not to perform the procedure in the following cases:

    • Cancer in the process of evolution.
    • Infection, rash
    • Inflammatory disease.
    • Anticoagulant treatment.
    • Blood disease
    • Diabetic, due to the greater predisposition to bruising.


    Anti-Cellulite Massage is effective where exercise and a healthy diet are not enough, achieving in a short time excellent results in a very economical and simple way.


    Anti-Cellulite Massage is the direct result of scientific and clinical research.
    A new methodology for fighting resistant fats, toning and reshaping bodies like never before!.