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    Lifting Buttocks

    Lifting buttocks

    The Buttock Lift is the perfect treatment for volume patients who want to lift their buttocks that, due to the passage of time, diet or lack of exercise, have aged, look saggy and are not interested in performing a surgical intervention.


    It is a formulation of several active ingredients with a powerful tense-active action ideal for the management of body flaccidity and especially that which occurs in the buttocks. It is applied in the form of mesotherapy to obtain a lifting effect and therefore an increase in volume of the buttock, at the same time that the skin in this area is hydrated. It is the perfect treatment to tighten, tone and firm the buttocks when there is sagging.


        • Natural lift without surgery
        • Tones muscle tissue
        • Risk free
        • Eliminate sagging

    One session a week with a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions is recommended, its duration is around 6 months and it is recommended that the patient exercise for a greater effect of the treatment.