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    Erbium-Yag Laser

    Erbium Yag Laser:

    Erbium-Yag Laser is a laser that simultaneously uses two light emissions to remove microscopic layers of skin, leaving your skin rejuvenated, smoother and softer.


    Erbium-Yag Laser is the first and only laser to be applied scientifically using two laser lights. Combines the benefits of the CO2 laser used for years to rejuvenate the skin with the precision and capacity of the ERBIUM: YAG laser that allows a gentle and precise removal of layer by layer of the skin, while penetrating deep levels thanks to the power of the CO2 Laser. Because the laser is soft, it is possible to treat areas such as the neck, chest, back and arms in addition to the face.

    This laser can be used in any type and color of skin regardless of age. Derma K is safe, with minimal redness and restrictions after application of the procedure.

    Duration of Therapy:

    1 hour.


    It is not recommended in patients who are pregnant or have to be exposed to the sun.


    If you have been waiting for the right time to get a younger look, the time has already arrived. The results with Erbium-Yag laser are spectacular. Your skin may look firmer, softer and renewed. In addition, this gentle therapy provides a quick recovery time, allowing you to return in a few days to your daily routine.


    The treatment is mild with minimal discomfort and a faster recovery than the CO2 laser and there will be only minimal restrictions on its activity, such as sun exposure for a lapse of two weeks.

    Side effects:

    Side effects vary in each case, but are usually minimal. The redness decreases between 10 to 15 days.