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    Dual Laser

    The latest technology! The Dual Laser

    At the Puebla Laser Clinic we offer the most versatile range of ablative and non-ablative treatments with a single laser system. The most complete laser solution you could ever need.

    The Dual Laser is a high technology laser that has multiple applications in medicine as it is very flexible and effective, some of the aesthetic treatments include:

      • Wrinkles
      • Stretch marks
      • Scars
      • Stretch and Texture
      • Stains
      • Benign Lesions
      • Hair removal
      • Active acne
      • Vascular Treatments
      • Onychomycosis
      • Keloids
      • Psoriasis


    The Dual Laser that has three laser wavelengths each with a different effect on human tissue.

      • The Er: YAG laser (infrared, 2940 nm) is perfect for treating superficial lesions as it is extremely precise and easily bonds to the water in our cells, they absorb the energy of the laser and vaporize. In aesthetics and dermatology, this laser source is recognized as the gold standard for laser surgery and skin resurfacing, allowing extreme accuracy in layer-by-layer ablation of the epidermis.
      • The Nd: YAG laser (infrared, 1064 nm) is a treatment that penetrates deep into the skin to treat structures such as veins and hair follicles. It is the ideal laser for surgical cutting, disinfection and treatment of deep structures.
      • The Kd Nd: YAG laser has a high affinity for oxyhemoglobin and melanin for selective photothermolysis. This laser source is the perfect choice for treating superficial capillary lesions, unwanted fine veins and a wide range of pigmentary lesions.

    Duration of Therapy:

    The therapy time can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area to be treated.

    Side effects:

    The laser is a very safe procedure given the high technology of used appliances. However, safety depends primarily on the operator’s experience and knowledge.

    The laser does not affect internal organs, nor does it have major contraindications, although the eyes must be covered during the procedure because they are particularly sensitive.