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    CO2 Laser

    CO2 Laser:

    This procedure consists of making a replacement of the outer layers of the skin of the face reducing up to 90% of crow’s feet, eyebrows, wrinkles of the lips, brown spots caused by the sun, acne scars or surgery. Also the treatment is used to erase the pigmented spots of the hands, that appear with the years. It is the number one technology for facial rejuvenation.



    This laser works through fractional photodermolisis that allows the beam of light emitted to be fractioned in many points that upon contact with the skin penetrate in multiple small areas, leaving between them healthy zones. With the CO2 laser the tissues can be vaporized with great precision, which activates the fibroblasts and causes collagen to be produced, for a more efficient healing. This treatment allows a skin recovery of up to 50% each time the treatment is performed.

    Duration of Therapy:

    From 20 to 30 minutes to one hour and it is advisable to perform 3 sessions for an optimal result.


    • Patients who have or have had skin cancer.
    • During pregnancy and lactation.
    • It is not recommended if the patient has herpes or dermatitis.
    • Do not using in corticosteroids.


    From the first session you can improve the texture of the skin, reduce the diameter of the pores, remove blemishes, reduce wrinkles, improve scars, improve melasma as well as rejuvenate the neck, chest and hands.


    8 days.

    Side effects:

    You may notice erythema or redness on the skin that lasts for approximately 4 days, as well as swelling and a tan color of the skin that will fade around the 14 days.