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    Pectoral Implant

    How is the Pectoral Implant performed?

    Often, despite frequent exercise, men cannot achieve the desired breast development. Pectoral implants increase and give shape and firmness to the chest muscles, which helps patients achieve the desired appearance.

    The main benefit of breast augmentation is to obtain an extra mass that is added to the chest area for a more sculpted look. This procedure is usually requested by those men who are not able to achieve this effect sculpted through exercise or who do not have the time to engage in intense exercise.


    Pectoral implant surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that takes between one and two hours. In general, it is performed under general anesthesia.

    Usually, routine activities can be resumed within two weeks of the procedure, while physical exercise should be postponed for about two months.


    The pectoral implants are made of a soft compound of Silicone gel, a form of silicone of the best brand.

    Its consistency is soft and soft to the touch, but it provides similar firmness to that of the exercised muscle.