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    Buttock Implants


    (Buttock Augmentation) Different size prostheses are used or the patient’s fat is injected to enlarge and round the gluteus. It is the ideal procedure for people who feel that their buttocks are disproportionate to the size of their body, have no projection or are dropped.


    For gluteal augmentation with implants, an incision is made in the inter-gluteal fold. A pocket is made below the larger gluteus muscle and a cohesive gel implant is introduced. In the case of fat injection, liposuction must first be performed to remove the patient’s fat from the places where it tends to accumulate, such as the waist, back and thighs and then injected into the patient’s buttocks.

    Surgical Time:

    2 hours.


    Some of the complications are reactions to anesthesia, infection and blood accumulation. We have a multidisciplinary team of expert specialists and the appropriate facilities to make these risks minimal.


    It is important to be accompanied by the procedure, to have time available for recovery, and not to consume cigarettes, aspirin or any type of anti-inflammatory, as well as follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid the risks of surgery.


    The changes can be seen from the end of surgery, which become more noticeable with the passage of days. Pain may be present which is controlled with analgesic medication. It is normal that in the first days there is discomfort when lying down, sitting or walking, however this will gradually disappear. It is advisable to wear an elastic band for 3 weeks. The stitches are removed at 7 days. Attend programmed controls, and maintain proper communication with your surgeon. You can return to your regular activities at 2 weeks and begin heavy exercise at 2 months


    The results are more noticeable and permanent with gluteal implants than with fat injection; however this technique will allow you to obtain very safe and natural results. The 2 procedures will increase the volume of the gluts, improving the projection and firmness of the buttocks. The scars are usually little or nothing visible and can be easily concealed with small underwear or floss. It is important that the patient is well informed and has real expectations for the results to be satisfactory.