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    Gynecomastia (Male Breast)

    How is Gynecomastia performed?

    Gynecomastia defines an alteration that causes the increase of volume of the mammary glands in the man. Although during puberty it is normal for the male mammary gland to increase in size due to hormonal changes, when they cease, the breasts should regain their shape. However, in some cases the gland is increased causing a clear aesthetic alteration and possible psychosocial repercussions.

    What types of Gynecomastia are there?

    Puberty Gynecomastia, which appears during puberty, may recur spontaneously. Therefore it is recommended to wait and if it is not solved alone then remove the breast surgically.

    Another type of Gynecomastia is the secondary one, related to the use of certain medicines (corticoids, anabolic, diuretics, antacids …) or the suffering of some diseases (adipose dystrophy genital, cirrhosis hepatica).

    There is the pseudo Gynecomastia, which has a predominantly fatty component, and is mainly associated with obesity.

    Finally in the stage of maturity can appear Gynecomastia due to the decrease of the testosterone levels and the loss of skin laxity.

    Gynecomastia correction surgery can be performed on healthy males of any age and emotionally stable, and obtains optimal results when the patient’s skin is firm and elastic, as this is better adapted to the contour modifications.


    In general, it is discouraged for men with problems of being overweight, since the problem could be corrected with exercise and diet, without resorting to the surgery.

    For a Gynecomastia operation the most common is to use local anesthesia with sedation. In this way patient stays relaxed and without pain. In those cases where they require it, general anesthesia may be used during the operation.

    After a few days of rest, it is important to regain normal activity progressively. Avoiding heavy exercises and sudden movements for three weeks. Sunlight can cause changes in pigmentation, so avoid exposing the scars as much as possible and always using sunscreens.