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    Skin Fitness

    Skin Fitness

    It is a 100% natural anti-aging technique for men and women of all ages that will allow them to attenuate the signs of aging, leaving a radiant and rejuvenated face, since it is the only technique capable of stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, in a natural way.


    From the age of 25 the production of collagen and elastin ensured by youth cells, meaning the fibroblasts, slows down that is why our skin begins to age. This treatment acts at the cellular level by mechanotransduction, that means, mechanically stimulating the cells of the youth, by means of an apparatus that works like micro-impingements in the surface of the skin, reactivating the natural production of collagen and elastin.

    Duration of Therapy:

    35 minutes, 12 sessions are recommended.


    Skin infections.


    A radiant face at any age. It offers fast results, providing luminosity, and greatly improving the quality of the skin.
    With this treatment you will achieve, lightning the skin tone, fill the wrinkles and reaffirm the contours.

    In the case of acne scars, these will be less deep and the skin will have a less irregular appearance, it can also improve skin patches.


    It is an effective, economical, scientifically proven, non-painful and natural anti-aging treatment. It optimizes the results of a cosmetic procedure.