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Eliminate unattractive cosmetic blemishes with PhotoDerm VL
What is PhotoDerm VL?
PhotoDerm VL is a non-invasive medical system that uses light therapy to eliminate vascular birthmarks, facial spider veins and other vascular conditions. PhotoDerm VL safely eliminates facial veins and vascular birthmarks without injections or surgery.
How does PhotoDerm VL work?
PhotoDerm VL generates intense pulsed light which safely destroys unsightly blood vessels so they fade and slowly disappear. Treatment is applied by placing a hand-held treatment unit on your skin.
What are vascular birthmarks?
Vascular birthmarks such as port wine stains, rosacea, and hemangiomas are red, pink or bluish discolorations which sometimes appear at birth. In many cases they develop with age. They are made up of many blood vessels grouped together in the skin.
Small spider veins often appear on the face and other parts of the body as one age or as a result of accidents or medication.
Who are candidates for treatment?
Most people, including children, may be treated with PhotoDerm VL; however, Doctor Aristides Arellano Huacuja should determine if your condition is suitable for PhotoDerm VL treatments. This may require a consultation visit.
Will treatment hurt?
Treatment involves pulses of intense light, similar to the flash of a camera. You may feel a slight pinch or snap of a rubber band. No anesthesia or pain medication is required.
Are there side effects?
You may experience some short term side effects. This may include slight reddening of the skin or local swelling which goes away within a few days. In rare instances there may be some blistering.
How many treatments are required?
Blemishes often clear after two to four treatments, depending on the severity and density of the vessels. Each session lasts about 15-40 minutes.
Will insurance cover my treatment?
Insurance coverage varies according to carrier and the nature of the medical problem. Doctor Aristides Arellano Huacuja and insurance company can answer this question. Treatments of a cosmetic nature are often not covered.
Are there restrictions on my activity after treatment?
You can return to work the same day and resume all regular activities. You should limit exposure to the sun, which is always a good idea.
Is PhotoDerm VL better than other treatment methods?
PhotoDerm VL uses innovative patented technology that allows doctor Arellano to customize the treatment specifically for your skin type and blemish. This flexible interactive approach to treatment cannot be achieved with any non-invasive method currently available.
Millions of people suffer from unsightly birthmarks and facial spider veins. Although these are generally a cosmetic rather than a medical problem, most people would like to be rid of these unattractive blemishes.
PhotoDerm VL is a breakthrough in medical technology for eliminating cosmetic birthmarks and spider veins on the face and other parts of the body.
PhotoDerm VL’s unique and flexible design helps Doctor Aristides Arellano customize treatment for your specific needs. Treatment is safe and effective without adverse effects, such as purpura, which often accompanies laser treatment.
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