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    It is the technique to homogenously regenerate the outermost layers of the skin through its mechanical exfoliation until reaching to the dermis.

    The difference between dermabrasion and microdermabrasion is the depth to which they work on, making one more aggressive than another.


    Dermabrasion consists of the progressive removal of the superficial layers of the skin by the application, either manually or by means of a motor or surgical turbine, of an abrasive instrument.

    Usually we use a diamond mill that rotates at high speed. Thereby a selective removal of the entire outer layer of the skin is achieved. The magnitude of the procedure depends on the changes that are desired, the depth and irregularities of the scars that exist, the type of skin and the surgical criteria. It is not painful, since local anesthesia is used with sedation, you may experience a stinging sensation.

    Duration of Therapy:

    The treatment lasts one hour however it is important that the patient considers that the recovery takes 2 weeks.


    Dermabrasion is a safe procedure, which can be done to any type of skin.


    At first the skin will have many crusts and will have a pink or red color. Gradually the tone will become clearer. It is recommended not to be exposed to the sun for 8 weeks. The patient will see an even and smoother skin; the contours of the scars will be less evident.
    In the case of acne scars, these will be less deep and the skin will have a less irregular appearance, it can also improve skin patches.


    Although it is an aggressive and deep procedure, it will give you the opportunity to have better and faster results in the appearance of your skin.