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    Permanent Design

    Standing Outline

    With the Permanent Design we can ensure that women are always beautiful through an almost painless method, the procedure is to implant pigments in the dermis so that they are resistant to water.

    You can outline your eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Permanent makeup is a very used method as it also corrects imperfections, marks or scars. In the case of the eyes, through micro pigmentation, it is possible to permanently delineate the two eyelids. And in the case of lips are outlined so that they have color and give a sensual and natural shape also can also pigment lips of a single color.

     Duration of permanent makeup:

    It normally takes one to five years, maybe a little more. It is recommended to perform a “retouch” or “color refresh” to perform maintenance when the colors are absorbed. Once the color becomes paler you will realize that you are ready for a refresh of color!


    After having undergone this service:

    • It is not advisable to be exposed to the sun for at least 7 days after the procedure.
    • Do not go to sauna or swimming pool for approximately 15 days.
    • If crust is formed, do not remove it, let it fall alone.
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for about 3 days.


    Women are generally wonder at how beautiful, natural and subtle this treatment can be, always done by expert hands, pigments and disposable materials, demanding at all times hygiene and health. It is also recommended that being a ”permanent” treatment and applied in the dermis of the skin, we choose the highest quality pigments and be careful with the so-called “Chinese ink” that is used to make tattoos in the body and not should be worn on the face.