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    It consists of a relaxing therapy that uses color to treat physical illnesses and emotional disorders. It gathers contributions of psychology, medicine, arts and physics. The colors have the capacity to calm, inspire, excite, balance or alter our perceptions, which led to consider them as therapeutic instruments by themselves. Each color emits characteristic vibrations that come to us in different ways and produce different effects.

    Some of the benefits we can get with color therapy are:

    • Correction of mood.
    • Regulation of blood pressure.
    • Improve bone problems.
    • Treatment of infections and inflammations.
    • Improves the quality of the skin.
    • Benefits to the circulatory system and the nervous system.
    • Treatment of bulimia and anorexia.
    • It helps to a good cellular regeneration.


    The chromotherapy uses eight colors that are red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet and magenta.

    • Magenta: increases blood pressure and fights states of sadness.
    • Violet: used to combat states of distress or fear.
    • Green: it is a tranquilizer color, sedative, ideal for the problems of insomnia and nerves.
    • Orange: combat fatigue. It improves the level of optimism.
    • Red: stimulates blood circulation. Anti inflammatory. It also stimulates the spirit.
    • Blue: it is a refreshing color, with antiseptic properties, it improves the acne. It provides peace and tranquility.
    • Yellow: is an energetic color that improves muscle tone and mind. Detoxifying.
    • Purple: it has hypnotic properties.