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    Scientific name:

    Surgery Endoscopy – Liftface


    Lift for Endoscopic Front



    Sex of patient:

    Men and Women.


    Through this procedure we seek to rejuvenate the facial area correcting wrinkles and sagging, this procedure is done with the use of a stethoscope; the incisions where they will be inserted are made in the scalp which allows hiding the scars.

    Endoscopic Surgery of the Forehead, Face and Neck with Small Incisions

    What is Endoscopic Plastic Surgery?

    Endoscopic plastic surgery is a technique with which FACIAL REJUVENATION is performed by means of small incisions and the wrinkles and / or sagging of the tissues are corrected.

    We are also using this technique as an approach for the placement of mammary prosthesis from the navel avoiding scarring around the mammary region, the correction of the capsule that deforms the mammary prosthesis, mini dermolipectomies and muscle plasties, etc.

    How is the procedure performed?

    We used a 4 mm diameter endoscope. and 15 cm. of length. A mini video camera, light source and video recorder and a high resolution monitor.

    The endoscopic approach enables FACIAL REJUVENATION OR RYDDECTOMY through small hidden incisions within the scalp, eliminating large and annoying scars.

    What Advantages Does It Provide?

    Endoscopic Plastic Surgery reduces surgical trauma, bleeding and inflammation. Recovery is faster and less annoying. Endoscopic Surgery allows a clear and precise visualization of the surgical procedure, minimizing risks and complications. The application of this technique allows us to obtain excellent results and very satisfied patients since the scars are minimal.