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Carbon Dioxide Therapy

In 2001 we began treatment with injected carbon dioxide for the reduction of stage 3 and 4 cellulite; however, we noticed that the applications not only limited the cellulite but that it was also useful in the reduction of the skin laxity.  It improves muscle tone, reduces irregularities in post-liposuction skin, such as the accumulation of fat localized in various parts of the body.  In respect to the decrease of stretch marks, the best results are obtained when red marks are found, with significant changes in terms of color, texture, elasticity, and thickness.  When we had white stretch marks more than one year old the changes are less significant, but the patients are happy.

The form of application of the gas is simple, through a 30 ½ inch caliber needle.  It is painful and the patients are afraid the first time that the treatment is conducted, so that it is necessary to explain exactly what we are going to do step by step and why.  The sessions are conducted once or twice per week, depending on the tolerance of the patient and the rapidity with which the results are sought.  It is ideal to conduct between 5 and 10 sessions to achieve the changes hoped for, even though if the circumstances of the case so require, the treatment may be continued until the results sought are achieved.

The gas may be applied rapidly and in large volumes, which is apparently less bothersome than with slow applications of low volume.

On the average in each session we inject one or two liters distributed in the areas to be treated.  We do not apply more because on occasions the patient suffers pain in the areas where the gas was not injected.  This is due to the emphysema produced by the migration of the CO to other areas.

If the pain is intense, we decrease the speed of the infiltration of the gas and we conduct gentle massage in the area, which helps to diminish the discomfort.  It is also recommended to apply pressure at the edges of the area to be treated to avoid the migration of the gas to undesired areas.

The applications of this treatment grow day by day because after liposuction, laser lipolysis, or liposelection, we conduct one session per week until we have applied 10 to 15 treatments with the goal of producing greater retraction of the skin and a decrease in stretch marks, when there are any.

The decrease of wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows, and the areas around the mouth are evident with this treatment.  It should be mentioned that the greatest results obtained on the face have been in the area of the chin and the cheeks, reducing the flaccidity and the adipose located in these areas.

Post-surgical retraction scars improve with the deep injection of the gas, stretching out the scar.  In the case of hyper tropic scars, we infiltrate the gas, thus decreasing the reddening and the size of the scar, improving the texture and the edges.  Acne scars improve by 10 to 20 percent with 10 weekly sessions.

In the case of varicose ulcers, open wounds, and dead tissue, the application of the gas 2 or 3 times per week is very useful in limiting the necrosis, increase vascularity, and forming tissue, making the recuperation in the area very fast.

The changes obtained and the duration of the results in the majority of cases of cellulite, localized adipose and flaccidity is about one year and the treatment may be conducted again if the patient requests it.  If the treatment is repeated after 6 months, the changes are more long-lasting and better.  In respect to scars, the results obtained were maintained over the time that we conducted the treatment.

From our point of view, Carbon Dioxide Therapy is a procedure that is easy to conduct.  It is safe and it yields constant and reproducible results in the majority of the pathologies described above.
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