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    Brachioplasty (Arm Surgery)

    Brachioplasty is an intervention designed to treat flaccidity and excess fat on the inner side of the arms. Over the years or after losing a lot of weight, the skin of the arms can give an appearance of sagging. This procedure is ideal for patients who have undergone major changes in their weight.


    The technique depends on the degree of defect in the patient. If the changes are incipient, it is usually sufficient to remove excess fat from the inner side of the arm through liposuction. When flaccidity is intermediate, it is usually indicated a cutaneous stretch leaving the scar circumscribed to the armpit. In more advanced cases it is necessary to make a longitudinal scar on the inner side of the arms up to the elbow.

    Surgical Time:

    1 hour.


    Do not take medications like aspirin and anti-inflammatories that can increase the risk of bruising.


    Anesthesia, Infection and bruising, the risk is minimal since it is a very simple procedure and we have the facilities and the appropriate personnel to make the surgery a success.


    The patient can go home the same day, and the recovery time is 1 week. It is recommended to wear bandage for 2 weeks and avoid energetic physical activities during the first month.


    The result of this procedure will allow the patient to look thinner and consider a definitive intervention. In the case of liposuction of arms, the result is very favorable and without notable scars.