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    How is Bichectomy performed?

    When a face looks very wide or round, this may be due to accumulation of fat on the cheeks. The Bichat fat bag is an accumulation of fat positioned between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle on both sides of the face.

    These two muscles that allow the chewing movements need a lubricating fat pad that is the Bichat bag. Although all people have them, in some cases these fatty cushions develop exaggerated resulting in a face too round and bulky.

    It is then necessary to make a thinning by reducing the Bichat bags.


    The volume of this fat is not necessarily related to the body weight, and that is why many thin people may have an extended, thick face that does not correspond to their body weight.

    The extraction of Bichat balls or bichectomy, is a surgery that is usually performed on an outpatient basis, does not require hospitalization, and where local anesthesia is given. It is performed in cosmetic surgery centers that have the permits and guarantees established by law. Once the case study is done, and the appointment of the day on which the surgery is to be performed, the fatty tissue glands will be removed.


    The facial thinning by resection of the Bichat bags reduces the volume of the cheeks giving an aspect of greater character, freshness and naturalness.

    The intervention lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and has a very low risk index. Another reason for convincing this aesthetic treatment is that it does not need great postoperative care and leaves no mark or scars. It is not painful either, except for some discomfort at the time of eating, and allows one to rejoin the work activity in a couple of days.