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    Periocular Wrinkles

    Periocular Wrinkles:

    Dual Láser is the most powerful laser combination available on the market. This offers the most versatile range of ablative and non-ablative treatments with a single laser system. The most complete laser solution you may need.

    The treatments of wrinkles are characterized by requiring different type of treatment based on several factors such as: quantity, depth and location of the same; Skin type, patient’s expectation, and lifestyle.


    For those patients who have a special interest in not going through the traumatic process of surgery and their postoperative disabling, the Nd: YAG laser is presented as an excellent alternative for the treatment of small and medium wrinkles in a non-invasive way.

    Based on the property that this laser has to be able to heat the tissue in a deep, controlled and homogenous form, we use the Nd: YAG to radiate the collagen generating a regeneration process that leads to the tension of the surface tissue and the decrease or elimination of Wrinkles. This type of therapy requires several sessions, in which the patient progressively sees their evolution.

    Because of the regenerative characteristics of collagen, it continues its renewal process until more than six months after the last session was applied. This treatment mechanism is currently the segment with the highest growth rate in the United States, since it opens the door for the treatment of younger patients (30-45 years) who are mostly employed, and do not have the time to be Disabled and do not want the occurrence of a major cosmetic procedure to be noticeable.


    The simplicity of the process has made it into a routine similar to visiting a cosmetics room where periodically the nails or hair are arranged.

    Its main advantages are: protocols without anesthesia, without surgery, without postoperative, lasting, with visible results from the first sessions, and allow to resume daily activities immediately, besides being treatments with affordable prices.