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Anti Acne Therapy

Scientific name:

Anti Acne Therapy


Anti-Acne Light


Not Surgical.

Sex of patient:

Men and Women.


This procedure eliminates the bacteria that cause acne, through the use of blue light, which has Photoclering AOC1 technology.

High Power Light to Remove Acne

A unique and new light therapy that effectively improves over 60% of acne lesions in just one month, with no side effects. This Theraphy uses Acne PhotoClearing (APC) technology to destroy acne-causing bacteria like Propionibacterium (P. Acnes) on the skin, quickly and easily. No irritation, no photosensitivity, no antibiotics. Patients enjoy a better look on their skin and greater satisfaction quickly .

Simply the fastest way available to treat acne today.

Quick results without side effects

Traditional acne treatments have several side effects. Topical therapies often cause redness, irritation, and / or peeling. Oral therapies can have even more side effects than topical ones including irreversible liver damage. Both require at least 3 months of continuous treatment and sometimes there is worsening rather than improvement. Neither of them prevent scars.

This Therapy achieves the elimination of more than 80% of inflammatory lesions in up to a third of the time of traditional methods and without side effects.

Increased patient satisfaction.

Patients want fast, visible results with minimal effort. Applied in 12 sessions in six weeks, the equipment produces results up to 3 times faster than other treatment options and never interferes with the daily lives of its patients.

Advanced Computer-Controlled Acne Treatment

A simple management that makes it easier to provide patients with innovative therapy; The easy-to-use software helps you document how your treatment progresses. The computer-controlled computer uses digital photography, touch lesion counter and graphics to record how treatment progresses.

Unique APC technology that destroys bacteria on the skin.

The APC technology uses a light with a wavelength of 420nm, which penetrates to a sufficient depth of the fabric to reach P. Acnes safely and effectively.

This unique spectrum of high intensity destroys the proliferation of endogenous porphyrins, which in fact are the ones that attack and destroy the P. acne bacteria on the skin.

This theraphy creates a rate of destruction that exceeds the normal rate of prolifertion, ensuring a rapid decrease in P. acnes that is incomparable to other treatments.

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