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    LightSheer ET and ST Diode Lasers

    LightSheer ET and ST Diode Lasers

    LightSheer ET and ST Diode Lasers

    LightSheer systems integrate reliability with the latest innovations in lasers based on semiconductor diode technology. The new ultra-portable LightSheer ET and ST models make diode technology more accessible to a wider range of users and practice settings to meet the growing demand for hair removal services.

    The LightSheer systems diode technology provides permanent hair reduction for a wide range of skin types, including tanned and dark skin. The new LightSheer ET is the more powerful of the new tabletop products and delivers energy at a higher maximum fluence (up to 60 J/cm2) with a rapid coverage rate, resulting in shorter treatment times.

    The new LightSheer ST has a slightly lower maximum fluence (up to 40 J/cm2) and is an ideal option for physicians just staring a hair removal practice. Both ultra-portable lasers are electrically efficient and plug into any standard wall outlet.

    The LightSheer systems feature a patented sapphire Chill Tip hand piece that actively cools the treatment area before, during, and after each laser pulse to protect the epidermis and reduce patient discomfort. In addition to performing hair removal, the LightSheer ET and ST can also treat leg veins, benign pigmented lesions, and pseudofolliculitis barbae or “beard bumps,” a common problem, particularly for darker/African skin types, that makes shaving difficult.

    “As a physician with multiple hair removal practices, I need a high-performance laser that is also mobile and easy to use,” says Aristides Arellano, MD, President of Clinica Dermatologica y Cirugia Estetica de Puebla, Mexico. “The new LightSheer systems are very reliable and provide excellent results. They also allow me the flexibility to move lasers among offices.

    Clínica Dermatológica y Cirugía Estética de Puebla
    Clínica Láser Puebla

    Cita de valoración + 52 (222) 243 65 05 y 243 77 40
    Puebla, Pue. México

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