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    Submalar Augmentation

    Submalar Augmentation

    Submalar Augmentation

    Youth is a prized possession often wasted on the young, so the saying goes. However, it may now be possible to have both the wisdom that age brings plus the face of a younger you.
    All because the SUBMALAR AUGMENTATION procedure.

    SUBMALAR AUGMENTATION     is a unique surgical procedure designed to restore a vibrant and youthful facial appearance. With the use of a new, patented, silicone implant, Submalar Augmentation enhances natural facial contours by elevating and repositioning sagging skin. In this manner, it is able to fill the hollows and depressions and soften the folds and wrinkles caused by gravity and time.

    In the past, many procedures have been used to reverse the signs of midfacial aging, but with limited success. The face lift procedure, which tightens loose, sagging skin, has been the most common cosmetic surgical procedure used to try to correct this problem. However, because of the natural loss of midfacial soft tissue, face lift surgery can often result in a stretched, mask-like appearance.

    The Submalar Implant provides support to reposition and elevate relaxed midfacial soft tissues. Submalar Augmentation can re-expand the skin and enhance the entire midface thereby restoring a more youthful look.

    Clínica Dermatológica y Cirugía Estética de Puebla
    Clínica Láser Puebla

    Cita de valoración + 52 (222) 243 65 05 y 243 77 40
    Puebla, Pue. México

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