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Health Scanner

Health Scanner

It is Russian technology that offers a modern way to evidence the health status of patients at a glance, non-invasively, in the present and periodically. Based on the latest discoveries of quantum physics applied to medicine, this device measures the magnetic waves emitted by the cells of the human body, comparing them with the tables of specific normal values. The advanced software is able to show deviations or imbalances, allowing in seconds to obtain valuable information for diagnostics or treatments.

Accompanied by the previous evaluation and correct interpretation of the software by the doctor, it becomes the ideal tool for the medicine of the future. In addition, the Health Scanner offers health advice for each of the parameters, according to conventional medicine and natural medicine.

Periodic follow-up allows quick checks, knowing the speed at which the patient is aging, preventing chronic degenerative diseases as well as obtaining a diet, exercise routine and a completely personalized diet plan for the patient.

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